Passing of Pastor Dan Fitzpatrick

It is with both profound sadness and fervent joy that we inform every one of the passing of our founder and spiritual leader, Pastor Daniel Fitzpatrick.  We are all saddened to lose a compassionate man we all love and admire so much. He was a caring and inspiring man of God who was always there for anyone in need. He was a true blessing as a Pastor, son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, cousin, and spiritual father. Each member of his family knows Jesus better and lives their anointing to the fullest because of Pastor Dan.  

We are also equally emboldened that he is now in a far, far better place than you and I have ever known. He is sitting on Jesus’ lap at the eternal banquet, with his parents and loved ones and he will never know pain or sorrow ever again.  He will hear immediately upon his arrival in front of Heavens’ gates, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  

Pastor Daniel Fitzpatrick truly was selfless. He traveled the world ministering to people’s need while feeding them “The Good News” He raised funds and filled up tankers of life saving supplies. He preached and taught on nearly every continent. He gave when he had nothing left to give. His dedication and courage on the front lines of spiritual warfare empowered many others to go into ministry. His ability to mentor and invest into people also allowed him to blossom within his anointing. Many souls were saved, many lives were changed forever because of Pastor Daniel Fitzpatrick. His legacy will live on for generations to come because of his faith, integrity and unshakable ability to love.   

In lieu of flowers, we are asking for donations to help his wife Teddie during this difficult transition. We are never ready for this. Daniel and Teddie rarely ever have thought about themselves throughout their amazing journey together. They have sowed into so many and have worked as a team to love all of God’s children unconditionally. Thank you in advance for all the love and prayers offered for the entire Fitzpatrick Family.   

As for LIAM (Life In Action Mission), the mission continues. Hope must be restored. It is our duty to fulfill his divine destiny, honor his legacy and continue to serve those in real need. We will trust in Jesus and continue to be the obedient servants and missionaries that Pastor Daniel Fitzpatrick taught us to be. 

Please join the Fitzpatrick Family as we celebrate the life of Pastor Daniel Edmund Fitzpatrick on Saturday, October 9th at 10am (central) at Lenz Shelter, Sioux Passage Park, 17930 Old Jamestown Road, St. Louis, MO 63034.

In lieu of flowers, donations for Pastor's wife, Teddie, can be made on

Coffee and drinks provided.

Donations are welcome through cash app and Venmo as well I have listed below.